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05/05/2022: Been a while huh? Had a hell of a few weeks. Long hours work and little sleep, been incredibly run down within myself and the “very dear friend” whom I mentioned below seemingly developing a bit of a serious infatuation with me, stalking me and whatnot, lead me to a very dark headspace. Fortunately, I am doing a bit better, mentally at least, so all good(!) Just doing some tidying up here honestly. Some writing is up but that's it... I’ll keep you posted when I put in a big change!! My (extremely) belated Passover wishes to you and I hope the summer treats you kindly.

08/04/2022: Expect a few slower weeks but, also, hopefully, some writing, if I pull my act together.. I'm being made manager (much to my chargrin) and that means earlier wake ups and longer days and £1 an hour more. New pages are me putting a page to catalogue my Pokemon Cards. It'll probably expand at some point but I've got to balance my health (which has declined in since last update) and my new position of power. I hate power. I autism stare at customers. I am not good as a manager.

27/03/2022: Personal updates first... My very dear friend who has been living at my work (I work in a hotel) since January, is moving away tomorrow into his own place. So relieved he has a place of his own at last, but still I'm devasted. You get used to seeing someone for so often that once you don't... Well, it's odd. He's In other news, I watched the entirety of Our Flag Means Death and it's rewired my brain. So good. It's the best thing I've watched this year no doubt. Website updates: Added some more links, added a couple new graphics to the digital collection. I have a bit of writing on the go so I hope now this tormentous weekend is over I can work on it more so!

20/03/2022: Links page is now up! Wowzer. TMRW to add links that aren't just my E-Mail and my button...

18/03/2022: Work is draining Made some adjustments to everything from CSS to the text.

16/03/2022: Happy Birthday Desktopdog

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